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Mobile Phone Application Development

Being a leading company in the field of mobile applications development, Smartguysmarketing is having extensive experience of producing high-performance, feature-packed mobile applications to all the key mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry OS. In addition, due to HTML5 development expertise, Smartguysmarketing can build cross-platform applications, which will work for all platforms or devices.

Smartguysmarketing uses agile development methods for delivering mobile apps development projects, and our professional mobile apps developers can produce the right kind of app, which will meet all your business and industry vertical requirements. We provide a proven, extremely flexible engagement prototype, which starts with an all-inclusive evaluation of the business IT requirements for making sure that eventually the right kind of mobile solutions are delivered promptly and economically for meeting your deadlines and goals.

iPhone / iPad Application Development

iOS is the leader when it comes to the number of applications that the developers has created targeting a mobile platform.

Smartguysmarketing has a team of developers who are experts in creating iPhone, iPod and iPad applications. The developers utilize objective C as the programming language to develop the application as well as use simulators, real devices and 3rd party testing platforms like Perfecto Mobile to test the application as it will behave in the real world.

Smartguysmarketing has created applications which are free, paid, and requires periodic subscriptions and the entire management is done by the Apple iOS store.

Android Application Development
Today we are seeing handsets using Android operating systems to create more interactive experience. The Android Application Market is a big reason why devices use Android operating systems. This trend is likely to continue and Smartguysmarketing is well equipped to help its customers and partners create interesting and useful Android applications.

Why Choose Smartguysmarketing for the Mobile Apps Development

Agile methodology for mobile apps development

Aggressive rates for the mobile apps development

Cross-platform mobile apps solutions

Friendly, collaborative, and open way to work with the clients

Front-end in-house specialists for the business analysis, creative design, and user experience

Precise QA (Quality Assurance) testing prior to “Go-Live”

Shorter development time that results into lower costs

Support for Google Play, Apple Apps Store, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry World

Verified track record for successful mobile apps project delivery